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Actors Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank are involved in a high-profile police clampdown: they accuse lawyer Isabela Brito of disappearing with $ 180,000 that should have been used to buy a property sold at auction. The lawyer would be the middleman, but, according to the couple, never took the business forward. According to the verification of the VEJA site the police investigates her for crime of embezzlement.  In a hearin...


The defense of the “top hat”  also denied that there is a plea bargaining  agreement with the North American justice, as it was reported in the last edition of the magazine Veja. According to Asseff, Teixeira did not even have contact with the prosecutors of the United States.

It does not mean, however, that it can not occur in the future. "The is no plea bargaining settled.  Ricardo Teixeira wants to defend himself in the...


João was the one who, along with the brothers Milton and Jaime, raised the business, believe me, in São Paulo.


In the procedures that runs in the 2nd Family Court of Barra, Rio, she says that, to this day, she has not received a penny from her share in the family business. Roberta claims to live on favors and sewing out, and says that she had to interrupt her daughter's course at Ibmec.


Football player Luiz Antônio de Souza Soares, currently in Chapecoense, was acquitted of the accusation of embezzlement The ruling, dated January 13 and published on Friday (10), also found the civilian police officer Alexandre da Rocha Antunes innocent.
Luiz Antônio's father, Luiz Carlos Francisco Soares, had previously been acquitted. According to the judge of the 29th Criminal Court of the Court of Justice, Raphaela de Alme...


Giovanna Antonelli is suing the company that markets a product called TurboSlim. The brand is using the image of the actress in a misleading way, as it assures consumers that Giovanna made use of the product and lost 'miraculously' weight. Anyone who knows the actress knows that she is radically against such procedures, especially in the postpartum period, when a woman needs to respect her body unhurriedly to return to her pre...


Dany Bananinha, stage assistant of the "Cauldron of Huck" program, won a lawsuit against a shop that  sells gym clothes over the internet. The Rio Justice has agreed with the thesis that the site Dani Banani causes "undue association" with the name of the model - who has no relation with the company.


According to  Mariana Zonenschein, lawyer of Bananinha, already exceeds R$ 120 thousand the fine for noncompliance with t...


Gaby Amarantos will go to court against the prejudiced messages she suffered on Instagram. According to the newspaper Extra, the singer is being guided by the same lawyer of Bruno Gagliasso, Michel Assef Filho. She told the publication about the importance of fighting racism to prevent others from facing the same situation. "I have all the support and I thank Bruno and Gio who have been great partners in this fight. I think of...


Actor Bruno Gagliasso arrived at about 10.15 am on Wednesday (16), in the Police City, in the North Zone of Rio, to file a complaint for racist comments against his 2-year-old daughter Titi. The biased comments were written in a photo published by the actress Giovanna Ewbank, wife of the actor and mother of the girl, in her profile in a social network. The girl was adopted by the couple this year.

"I think that not only for my...


The STJD (Superior Court of Justice of Sport) dismissed Fluminense's request for the annulment of the classic with Flamengo. The court considered that there was no necessary reason to take the case to the floor with the bases presented by the Tricolor of Laranjeiras. In this way, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has already updated the ranking on its website, returning the three points of the victory by 2 to 1 to Red...


The 22nd Civil Chamber of Rio determined actress Giovanna Lancellotti be indemnified in R$ 60 thousand by the Progressive Republican Party (PRP). A candidate of the party used, in its campaign, the image of the actress without authorization, according to  lawyer Mariana Zonenschein.

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