Profut: injunction on clubs’ financial obligations divides opinions

The decision of the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court, Alexandre de Moraes, which overturned several of the requirements made to Brazilian clubs by Law 13.155/2015, which created Profut (federal government tax and tax debt refinancing program), was received controversial in football. This is because it suspends financial obligations that clubs had to fulfill to participate in official competitions, including presenting the Debt Clearance Certificate. Thus, if confirmed by the court plenary, clubs will not be at risk of being prevented from competing in 2018 championships if they do not have the document. […] Michel Assef Filho, who commented on the matter as a lawyer specializing in the subject and not as a representative of Flamengo, believes that this decision, although in a preliminary nature, may cause legal uncertainty. – Despite understanding the position of the minister, I am concerned when a law in force is revised later by the judiciary. And the clubs that suited her? – asks the lawyer, who believes that the issue should be discussed in depth. – If there was a reaction from clubs and institutions like CBF and federations and if the STF understood this way then we will have to return to the topic and discuss it.


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