Atlético De Cajazeiras And Csp Are Acquitted By TJD-Pb

On June 17th, the plenary session of the Courts of Sports Justice on Soccer of Paraíba (TJDF-PB) granted the defense claim of the athletes Egon and Negueba, from the soccer clubs, Atlético de Cajazeiras and CSP, respectively, for the revisions or nullities of their  disciplinary proceedings.


The two soccer clubs had a direct interest in the decisions, as they had already been reported by irregular lineups of the players, with the risk of losing points.


With the decision, Trovão Azul escaped the possibility of punishment that would result in the subtraction of 28 points in the classification and therefore it remained as leader of Group B. Tigre follows in fourth place of the group, a point ahead of São Paulo Crystal, at the bottom of the championship, interested indirectly in the case.


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