practices areas

Our differential lies in the development of legal strategies that relate and integrate multiple areas of law to resolve cases. Gathering the diverse specialties of our team, we work together and with due proximity to the customer to solve, in an efficient and excellent way, complex and challenging cases.

Criminal Law

One of the great differentials of Asseff & Zonenschein Advogados is in the Penal area, whose services are provided with excellence not only in the specific area, but also in the unfolding of civil demands, generating efficiency and speed in solving problems. We offer companies and their representatives criminal assistance through the preparation of requests for the initiation and follow-up of police investigations; follow-up at police before the police authority; criminal defense in the investigative and judicial stages, preparation, filing and follow-up of criminal complaint and private criminal action; advice and monitoring of award-winning collaboration agreements. In our work, we take into account the specificities of each market sector where our customers operate, providing extremely customized legal advice that covers all types of corporate crimes provided for in the Brazilian Penal Code and complementary legislation, such as unfair competition, environmental crimes, Crimes based on the internet and computers, Crimes of corruption, Tax evasion and other Tax crimes, Money laundering.

Civil and Business Law

Asseff&Zonenschein works in preventive legal consulting, assisting in the drafting and review of contracts, documents and deeds, always looking for better conditions to reach the interests of its customers. Our team is also responsible for conducting civil and business lawsuits. Usually engaged on a permanent basis by its customers, the office’s activities involve personality rights and civil capacity, validity of legal business, fulfillment of obligations, contracts and credit titles, civil liability, of the supplier and manufacturer, possessory law, condominium of assets and of any nature, in addition to corporate conflicts.

Succession and Family

Asseff & Zonenschein Advogados provides services in the area of succession and family, always using the multidisciplinary nature of the firm’s work to speed up the solution of the disputed issues. Our services include acting in: paternity investigation actions; declaratory actions of stable union and in dissolution actions of stable union, consensual or litigious; extrajudicial and judicial, consensual or litigious divorces; consensual or litigious extrajudicial and judicial inventories, including negotiations related to the sharing of inventoried assets, in order to speed up the conclusion of cases; interdiction processes; Preparation of public deeds of stable union, dissolution of stable union and wills.

Intellectual Property

With professionals specialized in the matter, we advise Brazilian companies and multinational groups in the most diverse sectors of the economy. We offer intellectual property services to assist our customers in protecting corporate assets, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and domain names. Asseff & Zonenschein offers a service for filing applications for the registration of trademarks and patents with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property, including prior and opposition research to avoid granting third party patents. We also work on the drafting of assignment and transfer contracts for goods protected by the Industrial Property Law and we have a prominent role in lawsuits related to counterfeiting, piracy, declaratory actions for nullity and adjudication of brands and patents.

Media & Entertainment

Asseff & Zonenschein meets the demands of the media and entertainment industry in a joint and multidisciplinary way. In the media segment, we assist audiovisual producers in the preparation and analysis of television format licensing contracts, production and sponsorship contracts, exhibition and distribution. In entertainment, we work on the elaboration and negotiation of concert and event contracts, in addition to representing artists in judicial and extrajudicial demands related to the violation of image rights and other personality rights in general.

Sports Law

With one of the biggest names in Brazilian sports law as a founding partner, Asseff&Zonenschein represents and advises several clients who work in the sports industry, including football clubs, sports marketing companies, sports confederations, athletes and managers Partner Michel Asseff Filho acts in the defense of customers’ interests before Sports Courts, such as TJD, STJD, CONMEBOL, FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport – CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), in addition to being at the head of the team that provides the following services: advisory and review of corporate governance, compliance and internal policies of companies, clubs, federations, among others; advice and drafting contracts and regulations aimed at organizing national and international tournaments and competitions; drafting, negotiation and analysis of representation, intermediation, loan and permanent transfer contracts for athletes; sponsorship, licensing, advertising, franchising, marketing and broadcasting contracts; license agreements for the manufacture, distribution and sale of sports equipment; and employment contracts for athletes and coaching staff.

Litigation and Arbitration

Asseff & Zonenschein deals with some of the biggest litigation in the country and the favorable results are the most compelling reason for the office’s rapid growth and respectability in the market.
The performance of the office takes place with emphasis on the Courts of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, where its major customers are located, but also in other Brazilian states and in the world, especially in the United States and Europe, through partnerships signed with to provide to customers with excellent service in other jurisdictions.
The litigation area operates not only in corporate and civil disputes, but also in conflict prevention and in arbitration negotiations and procedures.