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Asseff Zonenschein Advogados is a boutique Law Firm led by Michel Asseff Filho and Mariana Zonenschein, focusing in judicial and extra-judicial demands. Since its formation, the firm has been acting in the legal representation of large and medium-sized companies, in several sectors of the economy. With a dynamic and qualified team, the firm has as a striking characteristic, as our client are served by firm’s founders, delivered with excellence and agility to achieve safe and efficient soluções seguras e eficientes.

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action to against covid-19

The Humanitarian Campaign Comvida – 20 was born from a drawing made by a child, which served as a print for a T-shirt and a mask, which make up the kit.

The multiplicity of the campaign occurs when people receive the kit, since the gifted one is invited to give a gift to another friend and promote the campaign, encouraging their followers to participate in this action.

Once every two kits are sold, we raise money necessary to purchase Basic Food Baskets, which are distributed by the Instituto da Criança. Thanks to the promotion of the campaign on social networks and the website, renowned artists such as Antônio Fagundes, Giovanna Antonelli, Elba Ramalho, and Cissa Guimarães joined the cause and, in one month since its launch on April 25, more than 1,400 Basic Food Baskets have been distributed.

Asseff Zonenschein acts on a pro bono basis for the Comvida-20 in the Industrial Property field.


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